JTB Jersey Farms

About Us

We are the Wilson family; Bill, Tina, and our four children. This is our eighth year in the Raw Milk business. We have a Florida pet food license.
All of our cows are on grass,  alfalfa hay, and a NON-Gmo certified sunflower pellet. They are also given free choice of minerals, kelp, and Redmond salt to ensure the highest quality milk at the lowest price.

Our equipment is cleaned by hand. Also all of our products are made by hand. Our facility is very clean and well organized. The manure in our pastures is spread everyday to fertilize naturally. Farm visits are welcome and if time doesn't permit, we have references available.

JTB stands for Jesus, Tina, and Bill. Jesus, because it was His idea for us to be in the dairy business. God knew that the Wilsons would love the dairy business. We love it and our Jersey Cows Buttons, Belle, and Sweetie. Our A2 cows Jesse, Olga, Banta, Glenda, Kelly,  Caparo, Joy, and Peaches. We have eleven milkers and eight heifers. Thanks to Jesus first and then the Bontragers for all their help.

 "God works all things together for our good, He has plans to prosper us and not to harm us". Jeremiah 29:11


Here is a link to a video of our story from the 700 club.

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